If you need technical assistance with Visual PackRat Plus, please use the options below:

1) Visual PackRat Plus Support Forum

2) Built-in Help File within PackRat Software

3) FAQ's listed below

4) Please fill out our online form and a technical assistant will respond usually within 24 hours.

How do I backup my data?
Now that you have created many records it will be a good time to backup your data.  To backup your data, copy all the files in your packrat folder except packrat.exe, nopic,jpg, bwlogo.ico, and visualpackrat.chm.  Now that you have copied the correct files, you can save them onto a floppy, cd-rom, zip, or other media.  Paste the files into the appropriate drive.  Example:  If you want to paste the files onto your floppy, paste them into your A: Drive.

I can't see all the buttons on the program!
You must set your screen resolution to 800x600.  Right click on your desktop and click properties.  In here you can adjust your screen resolution to 800x600 which is the most common.

How do I insert a picture onto my record?
To insert a picture, you must double click the box below the large picture box.  This will let you choose which picture you would like to insert from your computer.

I know how to insert the picture, but the picture still won't display?
Chances are good that your file name of your picture is too big.  The picture box field limits your picture file name to 60 characters. Try saving your pictures using a smaller title or save your picture file into a folder higher up in the hierarchy.  Ex.  Instead of saving your picture in the amercanflyer folder  C:/pictures/collectibles/trains/americanflyer/train1.gif     Save it in the pictures folder C:/pictures/train1.gif.

I can't type anything in the fields!
When you first get the software, you must start a new record.  Do this by hitting the New Record button.  Now you will be able to start your first record.

Did I receive the correct collectors software?   The jewel case just says Visual PackRat Plus:
We send out the same jewel case for every type of collectors software we offer.  However the software content on the cd-rom is different for each collectors edition.  After you download the software your specific edition will appear on the main page of the software application.