Visual PackRat Plus Version 2.0
Coin Collector's Software 
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A dream come true for Coin Collectors!



  • Keeps an inventory and organizes your Coin Collection
  • Automatically tracks the total $value of your Coin collection when a value is given for each item
  • Prints out many different types of reports of your Coins including list reports (Great for Insurance)
  • E-mails information (including images) of your Coin collection to friends, family, and others
  • Contains Pre-defined fields that directly relate to your Coin collection 
  • Imports Ebay items and your "Ebay won items" with just one mouse click
  • Sorts your items in alphabetical order
  • Makes selling your items at online auction sites a breeze
  • Allows easy access to your favorite places on the web including your "My Ebay" account and Coin sites
  • Lets you create wish lists
  • Tracks the Coin items you're selling
  • Tracks the items you've sold
  • Displays images of your Coin collection in a slideshow format

Even does so much more!!!

 BONUS !!!
Your software will also include:

  • Phone/Address Book - Used to keep records of your contacts!!
    The Phone/Address Book works hand in hand with the e-mail feature

  • Calendar/Journal - Keep track of your important events and dates

  • Home Inventory Manger - Keep an inventory of your household valuables

  • Digital Photo Album and Picture Organizer - Organize and manage your digital images with ease!!!

Use for any Coin!

  • Nickels 
  • Dimes 
  • Quarters 
  • Halves 
  • Dollars 
  • Commemorative 
  • Gold 
  • and More !

Very fun and easy to use!!  

You will be cataloging your Coins within minutes!!


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- Your software is a dream !!!

Over 2500 positive feedbacks !!!
Purchase with Confidence !


Discover the many different ways Visual PackRat Plus will benefit you!
You will look forward to using this product daily!!

Coin Collection Manager

Data Entry

  • Easy to use data entry screen with an awesome layout
  • Pre-defined fields that directly relate to your Coins
  • Fun Check Boxes
  • Drop down fields that remembers your information
  • New "Quick Entry" Feature that makes data entry a breeze



  • Print out many different types of reports of your Coins
  • Print out a list report of all your items with a thumbnail image next to each record - Awesome!! 

Other Report Features

  • Print out detailed reports that will have up to 3 images per item.
  • Print out a report based on a "keyword" you enter
  • If you're a seller, print out a profit and loss statement to see what kind of profit you made selling your items last month.
  • and More !!!

The software's reports are easy to use, yet very powerful !!!

So now you have most of your items entered into the program.  
Wouldn't it be cool to share your collection with your friends, relatives, and club members !!  



  • Share your collection items by E-mailing them - How Cool !!
  • E-mail information of your Coin Collection
  • Even E-mail pictures of your Coins
  • Shows the picture of the person you're e-mailing to! Awesome!
  • Share your collection with anybody that has an e-mail address!

E-mails data and even pictures of your item!!!
Note:  You need to have an account established with Outlook or Outlook Express to run the e-mail function.  If you don't have an account, but have Outlook/Outlook Express, the help file will explain how to set up an account in your Outlook.  You might have to contact your ISP for your incoming POP and outgoing SMTP.



  • Import Ebay items with just one mouse click
  • Import your Ebay "won items" in a flash
  • Automatically imports the auction number and title of the item 
  • Also automatically links the record to the items auction page
  • Easily enter the picture of the item into the record



  • Helps sell your Coins at online auction sites
  • Very quick access to Ebay and Yahoo's sell page
  • Keeps track of the items your selling

Other Fantastic Features your software will have:

  • You also get 10 customizable fields at your disposal!
    Maybe you want to create a field that the software doesn't have.  Create up to 10 different fields. 
  • Very flexible and easy !!
  • Have up to 7 pictures for each item
  • Sort and Search your records
    You can search your records by typing in a keyword or you can use the lookup screen.  The lookup screen sorts your items in a list format using "category" and "item".  Select either the "category" or "item" column and the list will be alphabetized.
  • Create Quick Records
    The software has a new feature that will allow you create a quick record.  Maybe you don't feel like entering all the detailed information about your item into the record.  Now you can click the "quick record" feature and only enter in information into 3 or so fields instead of the usual 11.  This will save you time when creating your records.  
  • Create Wish Lists 
    (keep track of the items you want to purchase) Create a wish list with ease when using the import function.  Import your favorite items off of Ebay.  Print out the report and take it with you when you go shopping!

  • Create Sell Lists 
    Keep track of the items you are currently selling

  • Create Sold Lists
    (keep track of the items you have sold)
    See how much stuff you have sold in the last week, month, or year.  Give it any date range you want.  The reports will automatically calculate how much profit you made from selling your items.  Store the print-outs in a 3 ring binder for your reference. 

  • Keeps track of purchasing and selling information

  • The software automatically calculates  the total value of your collection when a value is given for each item 

  • Includes Hyperlinks
    The software has hyperlinks that will let you link to any site on the web.   You can also link to any document on your computer.  Works great for linking to online auction pages, scanned receipts, and warranty information.  
    Tip:  This also works great for linking to an item your watching at an online auction site.  Maybe you see an item your interested in, but don't want to place a bid just yet because the price might go up.  Simply click the "Set Web Address" button and your link will be stored.  Next time you want to visit that same auction site to see if the price of the item has stayed the same, simply click the "GO" button and you will be instantly taken to that items auction page.  
    Become one smart shopper !!!

  • Built in Web Browser
    Now you can surf the web without leaving the program.  

  • Stores your favorite web links

    • Link to ebay
    • Link to your "My Ebay" account
    • Link to ebay's sell page
    • Link to your Yahoo account
    • Link to yahoo's sell page
    • Link to Amazons sell page
    • Link to your e-mail account
    • Link to news sites
    • Link to weather sites
    • Link to your online banking site
    • and so much more !!!

Link to any site you want.  
You can create 1000's of links !!!

Very easy to do!




New Improved Digital Photo Album

  • Organizes pictures taken from your digital camera
  • Great for displaying and organizing digital images
  • Use categories and sub-categories to organize your digital pictures
  • View 8 quality thumbnail pictures at once
  • Add your own personal notes to each picture
  • Organizes pictures taken from your regular camera when put on a cd-rom
  • Never again search through folders looking for that particular picture
  • Add annotations to your pictures.  The text will be displayed with the picture during the slide show.
  • Use the slide show to display your pictures.  The software now has a large slide show feature that will show your pictures in a very large format.

Too many features to list them all !!!

Phone Entry

  • Use for keeping records of your contacts.  
  • Each record will display the persons picture if inserted
  • Search your phone numbers fast and easily
  • New fields such as interest, e-mail, website, and cell phone were added
  • If your contact has a website, type it into the website field.  When you click the button, you will be automatically taken to their website.
  • Your contact information will also be displayed in the grid on the basket e-mail page.  


Awesome Home Inventory Manager

  • Keep an inventory of your household and personal valuables.
  • Generate and print many different reports including wish lists, inventory lists, sold lists, and detailed reports.
  • The home inventory also has its very own web browser.
  • E-mail your home inventory items.
  • Search your records by keywords
  • Includes a "My Links" page for your custom links.

Too many features to list them all !!!

  • Keeps track of your important dates
  • Use to schedule your appointments
  • Keeps track of to do lists and finished tasks
  • Keeps track of any personal events in your life
  • Leave notes for yourself
  • Use as a vertical calendar
  • Print out your notes and ideas
  • You can also specify a date range
System Requirements
  • Windows 95, 98, ME, Windows 2000, Windows NT, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Vista, Windows 7
  • 20 MB Disk Space
  • CD-ROM Drive
  • Recommended Screen Resolution 800x600 or higher
  • Internet Explorer for web capabilities (optional)
  • Outlook/Outlook Express for e-mail capabilities (optional)

 Easily Installs - you will be up and running in no time!!!

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Money Back Guarantee - NO RISK!!!
If for any reason you are unsatisfied with this product, please return it within 30 days for a full refund.

What you get and Shipping 

Visual PackRat Plus Coin Collectors Edition CD-Rom V2.0

  • Coin Collection Manager
  • Digital Photo Album
  • Phone/Address Book
  • Calendar/Journal
  • Home Inventory Manager

You get everything!!!

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